Penny lives in Chicago, which gets very cold for most peacocks. As soon as she feels beautiful, she radiates and quickly warms up. Penny enjoys simple pleasures: family, friends, good food, singing in the car, Princess Vi stories, and of course, tickles and giggling.
Coco lives next door to Penny and is her BFF (even though she gets a little prickly at times.) They have been friends since the age of 1 when they first starting playing with water balloons. Since that did not go well, Coco prefers to groove to the music and play the clarinet.
Shelly is more of an introvert and likes to stay close to home. She does not enjoy life in the fast lane and, in turn, prefers to dance a slow tango.
Henry is an old soul and serves as Penny’s good luck charm. He has a larger than life personality and one of the best laughs you have ever heard. Henry is the only kid in school who has enough wind to play the tuba.
Mom and Dad
Penny’s mom and dad call their family the trio and enjoy marveling at their little pea. They focus their lives on what matters most: love and being loved. Most of all, they see that beauty and happiness live within us all.
Meet Penny
Penny wakes up with excitement only to be disappointed when she does not look beautiful—her hair is a mess, her feathers are all rumpled, and her face is missing that special glow. When Penny focuses on the happiness in her heart, not even her messiness can stop her from feeling beautiful.
Messy Penny Book
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