We often wait for the right moment to start something new or repair what we may not have done well — ultimately pushing off what we could do today until we have more time, more money, a better opportunity or the perfect moment.  Instead of delaying what we should and want to do, we should simply seize the moment and start now. I encourage and empower you to think a little differently, shake off your apprehensions and start a little at a time because it is never to late to…

Say sorry

Try something new

Overcome your fears

Follow your dreams

Send a note to someone you care about

Let someone know you are thinking of them

Reinvent yourself

Be kind and compassionate


Help someone in need

Develop good habits and discipline

Make time for yourself

Start exercising


Eat better

Take a trip

Carve out time for gratitude

Believe things will get better

Save for a special occasion

Tell someone you love them

Say thank you


If we begin with small gestures or motions in the right direction of bettering our lives and the lives of others, the world can slowly become more accepting, peaceful, and compassionate. All it takes is the desire and courage to get started.


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Roopa Weber
About Roopa Weber
Roopa Weber is a blogger and children’s book author who aspires to inspire better lives through kindness and gratitude. Her motivation came from the values and love provided by her mother. Roopa wanted to find an avenue to instill her mother’s wisdom in her own daughter and carry the message forward generationally. And, so she wrote.