Life Lessons
Common Sense is Underestimated
There is no doubt that graduating from a top school is a wonderful accomplishment. But, it takes more than just a degree or two (or more) to succeed.
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Rediscover What You Love and Never Stop
Don’t let anything stop you. Little by little you can transform your life for the better.
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The Most Valuable Birthday Gifts
When it’s your birthday, what wish will you make? Before deciding, unwrap these thoughts first.
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What Makes a Person Magical?
How would you feel it someone described you as magical? How would it affect the way you regarded yourself?
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Loving Your Body
There are many four letter words that make us cringe, smirk or even smile. Body is one of them.
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Meet Penny
Penny wakes up with excitement only to be disappointed when she does not look beautiful—her hair is a mess, her feathers are all rumpled, and her face is missing that special glow. When Penny focuses on the happiness in her heart, not even her messiness can stop her from feeling beautiful.
Messy Penny Book
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