Thou shall break free of the shackles of the iPad

Thou shall respect thy mother and father

Thou shall be honest and honorable

Thou shall exercise discipline and self-control

Thou shall limit sugar

Thou shall work hard and with purpose

Thou shall be grateful

Thou shall think of others and give back

Thou shall live with humility and kindness

Thou shall feel love and show love

Thou shall do chores without being asked

Thou shall have a zest for life

Thou shall respect thyself

Thou shall seek happiness

Thou shall pick friends wisely

Thou shall value education

Thou shall develop a love of reading

Thou shall take calculated risks and not be afraid to fail

Thou shall stand up for what is right

Thou shall have good intentions

That shall wish well upon others

Thou shall eat fruits and vegetables

Thou shall exercise thy mind and body

Thou shall believe in something greater than thyself

Roopa Weber
About Roopa Weber
Roopa Weber is a blogger and children’s book author who aspires to inspire better lives through kindness and gratitude. Her motivation came from the values and love provided by her mother. Roopa wanted to find an avenue to instill her mother’s wisdom in her own daughter and carry the message forward generationally. And, so she wrote.