Dear Diary,
I am so so so happy. I just made a new friend at the park. Her name is Mia and she is starting at my school. I was so happy when we met. It turns out that we have a lot of stuff in common, which I was super duper happy about. My favorite colors are turquoise, white and gold and those are also her favorite colors too!!!!!!! I am so exited cause next week after camp, we are having a fun sleepover at my house. Oops…got to go…be back in a minute.

Okay so I am back. What was I talking about?! Oh now I remember…I was talking about that girl named Mia. At the sleepover, we are going to play tons of games, watch movies, do each other’s nails, talk about stuff like secrets—all that kind of girly stuff you know.

Ding dong..oh that’s the doorbell. That means another girl is here! I forgot I have a sleepover with Shelly tonight.

Well, I gotta go and hide my diary so good night.