Dear Diary,
Today I am going to have a very, very fun playdate with Coco. I really am exited for the playdate today. We are going to a Taylor Swift concert! It is going to be a huge blast. I can’t wait for it. I don’t have much time to write a lot more cause today I have dance at 4: 00 p.m. It is hip hop and tumbling and we have the recital on June 18th, 2016. I am so, so, so excited to do it. If you did not know, I started performing at the age of 3 years old. Can you believe it—3 years old!!!! I would say my favorite part of dancing is expressing yourself without giving it all away, making them completely understand it with words and songs. But, you can also use those things to add on if you like to add extra and make a little extra work for yourself. Well, I gotta go to dance…so bye.