Good Vibes, Good Lives™
Confidence is the foundation of how you are treated and how you treat others. It shapes the life you lead and ultimately who you are surrounded by.
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The Most Challenging Profession
The very ones we are trying to teach can teach us the most.
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Food for Thought
Creative Mealtime Ideas for Kids
I found a few ideas to spark creativity in how we present delicious and nutritious mealtime options for our kids.
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Let Your Aspirations Be Your Inspirations
Everything that we want is for the taking if we simply allow ourselves to see it and believe it.
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It’s Never Too Late
Instead of delaying what we should do, and what we want to do, we should simply seize the moment and start now.
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Meet Penny
Penny wakes up with excitement only to be disappointed when she does not look beautiful—her hair is a mess, her feathers are all rumpled, and her face is missing that special glow. When Penny focuses on the happiness in her heart, not even her messiness can stop her from feeling beautiful.
Messy Penny Book
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